1-on-1 coaching to overcome binge eating for good

Ready to overcome binge eating, stop obsessing about food, and get back into your best life?⁠

Raise your virtual hand if…

✔️You’ve already tried different diets, various forms of therapy and ordered every self-help book that was supposed to be the magic pill for binge eating problem, but nothing sticks.

✔️There were times in your life when yo-yo dieting worked but now it’s just getting worse… You keep starting over and going back to where you started (but weighing even more and feeling post-binge brain fog!).

✔️You marvel at the girl who leaves food on her plate, wishing you could just “eat normally” like her, but you have lost touch with hunger/fullness cues and how to eat intuitively

✔️After years of diet culture hamster wheel, you’re finally ready to end bingeing for LIFE.

✔️You already know that binge eating is holding you back from reaching your goals and making peace with your body.

If you’re cringing because you can relate, you’re in the right place.

They say “Just stop restricting“, but deep down I really believed something was wrong with me.

I kept asking myself: “I’m a smart woman… so why can’t I figure this out?”

I hated myself for not having the willpower or self-discipline to stay out of the food.

My good intention to “eat clean” lasted until noon, but then the slip-up slapped me in the face.

Does this sound familiar?

I feel you!

It’s frustrating as heck to feel like you’re putting in all this work and the binge eating habit always creeps back into your life again out of nowhere.

Here’s the good news though.

You’re not alone in this.

Hey, I’m Natalia, and I founded the Bingeproof Brain Coaching Program because once I WAS YOU.  I have fought the battle with eating disorders and won the war. I speak from a place of experience and insight. From a place of truth. My calling is to help YOU overcome struggles with food.

You are reading this because I found an easier and more sustainable way to overcome eating disorders. So now, I put together a program to teach my signature framework that has allowed more than 60 women to stop binge eating and learn how to eat intuitively for a lifetime.


  • Restore your sanity around food and stop thinking about it 24/7
  • Co-exist with cookies…without completely losing your shit around them.
  • Learn to feel your feelings without numbing through comfort eating.
  • Get out of a cycle of yo-yo dieting cycle so you live at your natural weight for good, and cultivate a more peaceful relationship with food.
  • Shed the diet-brain thinking patterns that leave you frustrated so you devote more brain space to friends, family, and social events.
  • Become a normal eater role model for your kids.

Overcome binge eating by focusing on the only thing that matters … rewiring your brain.

Introducing Bingeproof Brain 3 Months Private Coaching Program!

This is a complete A to Z, revolutionary and counterintuitive 1-on-1 coaching program

designed to help you gain FOOD FREEDOM,

achieve peace of mind, and clarity and enjoy your life again.

What you get inside of BPB:


Need a literal FOOD FREEDOM ROADMAP of what the heck to do?! I’ve got you! Work at your own pace through my self-study binge eating recovery modules to build out all the systems, strategies, and tools you need to trust yourself around food again.


Join me for our 1-on-1 weekly coaching call where we celebrate your wins! You can bring your questions & receive live coaching so you’re continuing to GROW & held ACCOUNTABLE each week!


The BPB Workbook is a resource to guide you through all my coaching tools, so you can practice, self-reflect, and self-inquiry between our sessions.


I’m all about OVER DELIVERING! If you decide to sign up within 72 hours after our initial call 3 EPIC BONUSES are waiting for you (value 1349€) 

Get a sneak peek of video nr 1! Click HERE

Inside BPB you’ll:

  • Uncover your unique binge eating cycle so that you can stop hopelessly bingeing on autopilot.
  • Make dismissing urges to binge less scary and more fun (yes, you read it right, FUN!)
  • Identify and soothe negative emotions without reaching for food even if eating was (so far) your only coping mechanism.
  • Start making and enjoying nutritious foods more than highly processed foods.
  • Accept and appreciate your body without repeating cheesy affirmations in front of the mirror every morning.
  • Eat mindfully so that you can enjoy your food even during a quick lunch break (especially important for busy moms!)
  • Change your negative self-talk, so that you become your biggest cheerleader on a journey to binge-free life.

What it’s like inside BPB?

BPB is for you if…

✅You’re a woman who spent years battling with binge eating or/and bulimia or/and overeating or/and emotional eating

✅You’re ready to immerse yourself in the work

✅You’re ready to invest ($ and time) in your future

✅You’re willing to believe that you can reach success

✅You’re coachable

Who is BPB not for

🔻You have a fixed mindset and you are not willing to have your limiting beliefs challenged

🔻You’re a self-proclaimed food addict who believes that abstinence from sugar and flour is the only way you can regain sanity around food

🔻You’re not willing to take radical responsibility, be coachable, and trust the process

🔻You don’t have 2 hours a week to dedicate to this program

What graduates are saying

Are you ready to let go of unwanted habits and trust yourself to make choices that honor your values and your body?


(The application only takes 5 min)

Currently 1:1 VIP 3 months coaching program costs 1200€ (400€/month).

Note: I’ll be reaching out to you either on Instagram or via email to hear more about your goals and to schedule a no-commitment 30-minute call. Please check your “other” folder and look for a message from me.